nLab Goncalo Tabuada

Selected publications and preprints

Gonçalo Tabuada is a mathematician with main results in the homotopy theory of dg-categories, noncommutative motives, and K-theory. His Ph.D. advisor was Bernhard Keller.

Selected publications and preprints

  • (with Ivo Dell'Ambrogio), A Quillen model structure for classical Morita theory and a tensor categorification of the Brauer group , arXiv:1211.2309 (2012). (pdf)

  • (with Ivo Dell'Ambrogio), Morita homotopy theory of C *C^*-categories, Journal of Algebra, 398 (2014), 162-199

On noncommutative motives:

  • Goncalo Tabuada, A guided tour through the garden of noncommutative motives, in Guillermo Cortinas, Topics in Noncommutative Geometry Clay Mathematics Proceedings Vol 16, 2012 (arxiv1108.3787);

in relation to algebraic K-theory:

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