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In the context of Goodwillie calculus the Taylor tower of an (∞,1)-functor FF to a Goodwillie-differentiable (∞,1)-category is its stagewise approximation by n-excisive (∞,1)-functors P nFP_n F (its n-excisive projections)

P n+1FP nFP 1FP 0F. \cdots \to P_{n+1} F \to P_n F \to \cdots \to P_1 F \to P_0 F \,.

which is analogous to the approximation of a smooth function by its Taylor series.

If this tower converges to FF, then FF is analogous to an analytic function and is called an analytic (∞,1)-functor.

The spectral sequence induced by the filtration given by the Goodwillie-Taylor tower is the Goodwillie spectral sequence.



convergence for ρ\rho-analytic (∞,1)-functors on ρ\rho-connective objects (…) (Goodwillie 03, theorem 1.13, see also Munson-Volic 15, theorem 10.1.51 and section 10.2.4)


Stable splitting of mapping spaces

Under some conditions, the Goodwillie-Taylor tower of mapping spaces into sufficiently high suspensions is a direct sum of suspension spectra of configuration spaces. This stable splitting of mapping spaces is originally due to (Snaith 74, Bödigheimer 87) and was understood as a Goodwillie-Taylor tower in Arone 99, see also Ching 05.



The concept originates in

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Stable splitting of mapping spaces

The stable splitting of mapping spaces is originally due to

  • Victor Snaith, A stable decomposition of Ω nS nX\Omega^n S^n X, Journal of the London Mathematical Society 7 (1974), 577 - 583 (pdf)

Review and generalization is due to

Further generalization and interpretation in terms of the Goodwillie-Taylor tower of mapping spaces is due to

  • Greg Arone, A generalization of Snaith-type filtration, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 351.3 (1999): 1123-1150. (pdf)

  • Michael Ching, Calculus of Functors and Configuration Spaces, Conference on Pure and Applied Topology Isle of Skye, Scotland, 21-25 June, 2005 (pdf)

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