nLab Hilbert W*-module


A Hilbert W*-module is a Hilbert C*-module MM over a von Neumann algebra AA such that:

  • MM admits a predual M *M_{\ast} as a Banach space;

  • for all mMm \in M, the map m, A:MA\langle m, - \rangle_{A}: M \to A is normal (i.e. the dual of some map A *M *A_{*} \to M_{*}),

where , A:M¯×MA\langle -,- \rangle_{A}: \overline{M} \times M \rightarrow A is the AA-valued inner product on MM, and A *A_{*} is the predual of AA.

The above definition is equivalent to the definitions using a notion of self-duality (See Blecher-Merdy, Lemma 8.5.4).


For any von Neumann algebra AA, the category of Hilbert W*-modules over AA is equivalent to the category of W*-representations of AA.

The equivalence is implemented by the following functors.

Given a Hilbert W*-module MM, we send it to the completion of M AL 2(A)M\otimes_A L^2(A), where L 2(A)L^2(A) is the Haagerup standard form of AA.

Given a W*-representation RR, we send it to the internal hom Hom A(L 2(A),R)Hom_A(L^2(A), R), which is a Hilbert W*-module over AA.


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