nLab Ivan Di Liberti

Ivan Di Liberti is a postdoc working in categorical logic, topos theory, general category theory and formal category theory. Academic life: Brno (Ph.D. under Jiří Rosický), Prague (Postdoc), Stockholm (Postdoc), Gothenburg (Postdoc, ongoing).

Selected writings

A geometric account on the Scott adjunction? and the duality between topoi and ionads:

On geometric aspects of coherent topoi and their relationship to ultrastructures:

On bipresentable 2-categories and their relations to logical doctrines.

On judgements, natural deduction and dependent type theory:

On the adjoint functor theorem in the context of lax-idempotent 2-monads:

On formal category theory:

A formal category theoretic account of Gabriel-Ulmer dualities using KZ-doctrines:

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