nLab Ivan Di Liberti

Most of what I do is motivated by logic, foundations of mathematics and foundations of geometry. Concretely, my work is in categorical logic, syntax-semantics dualities, topos theory, general category theory and formal category theory.

Academic life went as follows. Brno (Ph.D. under Jiří Rosický), Prague (Postdoc), Stockholm (Postdoc), Gothenburg (Postdoc, ongoing).

You can visit my webpage.

Selected writings

A geometric account on the Scott adjunction? and the duality between topoi and ionads:

On geometric aspects of coherent topoi and their relationship to ultrastructures:

On bipresentable 2-categories and their relations to logical doctrines.

On judgements, natural deduction and dependent type theory:

On the adjoint functor theorem in the context of lax-idempotent 2-monads:

On formal category theory:

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