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Selected writing

James Freitag is a mathematician at University of Illinois at Chicago. In words from his

his work is “a mixture of model theory, algebra, and number theory”.

Selected writing

  • James Freitag, Algebraic relations between solutions of Painlevé equations, arXiv:1710.03304
  • Guy Casale, James Freitag, Joel Nagloo, Ax-Lindemann-Weierstrass with derivatives and the genus 0 Fuchsian groups, Annals of Mathematics 192 (2020), 721–765 doi
  • James Freitag, Rémi Jaoui, Rahim Moosa, When any three solutions are independent, Invent. math. 230 (2022) 1249–1265 arXiv:2110.08123 doi
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