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Jean-Louis Verdier was a student of Alexandre Grothendieck. He introduced, at the suggestion of Grothendieck, the notions of derived categories and triangulated categories in his thesis.

Selected writings

On derived categories of abelian categories and on triangulated categories:

He also worked on Verdier duality of derived categories of abelian sheaves:

  • Jean-Louis Verdier, Dualité dans la cohomologie des espaces localement compacts. Séminaire Bourbaki, 9 (1964-1966), Exp. No. 300, 13 p. Available at NUMDAM.

  • Jean-Louis Verdier, A duality theorem in the etale cohomology of schemes. Lecture notes. Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry. Woods Hole 1964.

On a formalization and proof of the McKay correspondence via equivariant K-theory:

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