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Jean-Louis Verdier was a student of Alexandre Grothendieck. He introduced, at the suggestion of Grothendieck, the notions of derived categories and triangulated categories in his thesis.

Selected writings

On derived categories and triangulated categories:

  • Jean-Louis Verdier, Des Catégories Dérivées des Catégories Abéliennes, Astérisque (Paris: Société Mathématique de France) 239. Available in electronic format courtesy of Georges Maltsiniotis.

He also worked on Verdier duality of derived categories of abelian sheaves:

  • Jean-Louis Verdier, Dualité dans la cohomologie des espaces localement compacts. Séminaire Bourbaki, 9 (1964-1966), Exp. No. 300, 13 p. Available at NUMDAM.

  • Jean-Louis Verdier, A duality theorem in the etale cohomology of schemes. Lecture notes. Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry. Woods Hole 1964.

On a formalization and proof of the McKay correspondence via equivariant K-theory:

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