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Selected writings

John Duskin is a category theorist from the North American School of Category Theory in the Buffalo group. He is often refered to as Jack Duskin.

Selected writings

On monadic cohomology:

On nerves of bicategories:

  • John Duskin, Simplicial matrices and the nerves of weak n-categories I: nerves of bicategories, Theory and Applications of Categories 9 10 (2002) 198–308 [tac:9-10]

On ordinary cohomology in toposes (abelian sheaf cohomology), higher gerbes and introducing the notion of hypergroupoids:

  • John Duskin, Higher-dimensional torsors and the cohomology of topoi: the abelian theory, p. 255-279 in: Applications of sheaves, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 753, Springer (1979) [doi:10.1007/BFb0061822]

See also:

  • John Duskin, The Azumaya complex of a commutative ring, in: Categorical algebra and its applications (Louvain-La-Neuve, 1987), 107–117, Lecture Notes in Math. 1348, Springer 1988.

  • J. Duskin, An outline of a theory of higher dimensional descent , Bull. de la Soc. Math. de Belgique, 41, (1989), 249 – 277.

  • M. Bullejos, A. M. Cegarra and J. Duskin, On catn^n -groups and homotopy types , J. Pure

    Appl. Alg., 86, (1993), 135 – 154.

  • John W. Duskin, Non-abelian cohomology in a topos , Reprints in Theory and Applications of Categories, No. 23 (2013) pp. 1-165

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