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Selected writings

Klaus Heiner Kamps was a German mathematician who worked in Abstract Homotopy Theory.

He was the joint author, with T. Porter, of the book Abstract Homotopy and Simple Homotopy Theory.

Maths Genealogy:

Selected writings


On homotopy theory:

On simplicial homotopy theory:


  • K. H. Kamps (1968), Faserungen und Cofaserungen in Kategorien mit Homotopiesystem, Dissertation, Saarbrücken


On Kan complexes and homotopy theory:

  • K. H. Kamps, Kan-Bedingungen und abstrakte Homotopietheorie, Math. Z. 124,1972, 215 - 236.

  • K. H. Kamps, Zur Homotopietheorie von Gruppoiden, Arch. Math., 23 (1972) 610-618.

On the Toda bracket understood via homotopy-coherent pasting diagrams in a pointed homotopy 2-category:

On the fundamental 2-groupoid of Hausdorff topological spaces as a strict 2-groupoid (Grpd-enriched category):

and as a weak 2-groupoid:

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