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Selected writings

Selected writings

Om synthetic topology:

On differential calculus via coinduction:

On cartesian closed convenient categories of topological spaces, such as compactly generated topological spaces:

On the exponential law for spaces:

On Hedberg's theorem:

On compactness and stable closure:

On injective objects in homotopy type theory:

On homotopy type theory and univalent foundations of mathematics in/with Agda:

On the selection monad:

  • Martín Escardó and Paulo Oliva, Selection Functions, Bar Recursion, and Backward Induction, (pdf)

  • Martín Escardó and Paulo Oliva, What Sequential Games, the Tychonoff Theorem and the Double-Negation Shift have in Common, (pdf)

  • Martín Escardó and Paulo Oliva, The Peirce translation, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 163(6):681–692, 2012, (pdf).

On domain theory in homotopy type theory/univalent foundations (mathematics presented in HoTT):

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