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Selected writings

Masaki Kashiwara is a Japanese mathematician. He made substantial contributions to the theory of pseudodifferential operators, hyperfunctions and microlocal analysis, study of D-modules, holonomic systems, Riemann-Hilbert problem, categories of constructible sheaves and representation theory. He invented crystal bases? and crystals in Lie and quantum group theory.

Selected writings

  • Masaki Kashiwara, Pierre Schapira, Categories and sheaves, Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften 332, Springer (2006)

  • P. Shapira, Masaki Kashiwara and algebraic analysis, Adv. Studies in Pure Analysis, arxiv/0810.4875

  • Stephane Guillermou, Masaki Kashiwara, Pierre Schapira, Sheaf quantization of Hamiltonian isotopies and applications to non displaceability problems, arxiv/1005.1517

  • M. Kashiwara, W.Schmid, Quasi-equivariant D-modules, equivariant derived category, and representations of reductive Lie groups, Lie Theory and Geometry, in Honor of Bertram Kostant, Progress in Mathematics, Birkhäuser, 1994, pp. 457–488

  • M. Kashiwara, D-modules and representation theory of Lie groups, Annales de l’institut Fourier, 43 no. 5 (1993), p. 1597-1618, article, MR95b:22033

  • M. Kashiwara, T. Kawai, T. Kimura, Foundations of algebraic analysis, Princeton Univ. Press 1986

  • M. Kashiwara, D-modules and microlocal analysis, Transl. of math. monographs 217, Amer. Math. Soc. 2000

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