Michael Green

Michael Green is professor for theoretical physics at Cambridge. Together with John Schwarz he is one of the founding fathers of string theory.


On the computation of the anomaly cancellation now known as the Green-Schwarz mechanism in heterotic string theory (also known as The First Superstring Revolution):

MICHAEL GREEN: I do remember a particular moment, when John Schwarz and I were talking at the blackboard and working out these numbers which had to fit, and they just had to match exactly. I remember joking with John Schwarz at that moment, because there was thunder and lightning – there was a big mountain storm in Aspen at that moment – and I remember saying something like, you know, “We must be getting pretty close, because the gods are trying to prevent us completing this calculation.” And, indeed, they did match.

(Taken from NOVA - The Elegant Universe - Transcript)

Selected writings

Popular exposition of string theory:

On the Green-Schwarz superstring:

On the Green-Schwarz mechanism of anomaly cancellation in heterotic string theory:

On the Green-Schwarz mechanism and KK-compactification of heterotic supergravity/heterotic superstring to 6 dimensions (see also at D=6 N=(1,0) SCFT):

On M2-M5 brane bound states:

On black\,D8-brane-solutions in massive type IIA supergravity/massive type IIA string theory:

On type I' string theory and geometric engineering of QFT on D3-D5 brane intersections subject to the s-rule:

and related to the Pauli exclusion principle:

On higher curvature corrections to the (abelian) DBI-action for D-branes:

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