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Mikhail Gromov (Михаил Леонидович Громов) is a Russian-French mathematician, a Professor at IHES, with deep contributions to many areas of mathematics.

Selected writings

On symplectic geometry:

On the h-principle and microflexible sheaves:

  • Mikhail Gromov, Partial differential relations, Ergebn. Math. Grenzgeb. (3), 9, Springer (1986) (doi:10.1007/978-3-662-02267-2)

  • Mikhail Gromov, A topological technique for the construction of solutions of differential equations and inequalities, Proc. Int. Congress Math. Nice 1970, vol. 2, 221–225 (djvu w OCR, pdf)

  • Mikhail Gromov, Papers on h-principle: geometric methods for solving partial differential equations/inequalities and the homotopy structure in the spaces of their solutions, list (with some links)

On the Oka principle:

On Alexandrov spaces:

Gromov also researches connections between mathematics, biology, and sees n-categories as the structures in mathematics closest to what is going on in the mind. see:

category: people

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