nLab Mohammed Labbi

selected writings

  • Mohammed Labbi, Stability under surgeries of the pp-curvature positivity and manifolds with positive Einstein tensor, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 15 no 4, 299-312 (1997). (pdf)

  • Mohammed Labbi, Manifolds with positive second Gauss-Bonnet curvature, Pacific Journal of Math. Vol. 227, No. 2, 295-310, (2006) (pdf)

  • Boris Botvinnik, Mohammed Labbi, Highly connected manifolds of positive pp-curvature, Transactions of the AMS, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366 (2014), 3405-3424 (arXiv:1201.1849, doi:10.1090/S0002-9947-2014-05939-4)

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