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Selected writings

Selected writings

On the “entanglement island”-proposal for resolving the black hole information paradox:

  • Nirmalya Kajuri, Of Islands, Holograms and Saving Quantum Physics From a Black Hole Paradox, Science – The Wire (Nov 2022)

    […] a few sceptics have argued that while the calculations are correct, they don’t help resolve the black hole information-loss paradox. The troubles stem from the reservoir attached to the anti-de Sitter universe. The physicists who authored the island papers assumed that gravity stopped at the boundary of the anti-de Sitter space and didn’t enter the reservoir. This is not an innocuous assumption. […] The key takeaway is that the island way to recover information and save unitarity works perfectly well – if you slightly modify Einstein’s theory of gravity. These criticisms have been around for some two years now, and physicists are yet to resolve them in print. […] physicists continue to publish papers by the hundreds about the entanglement islands but few attempt to answer whether the islands are compatible with the Einsteinian gravity of our universe. […]

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