nLab Non-Archimedean Analysis


This page collects material related to the textbook

on rigid analytic geometry.


Part A. Linear Uktrametric Analysis and Valuation Theory

Chapter 1. Norms and valuations

1.1 Semi-normed and normed groups

1.2 Semi-normed and normed rings

1.4 Strictly convergent power series

1.5 Non-archimedean valuations

Part B. Affinoid algebras

Chapter 3. Extensions of norms and valuations

3.7 Banach algebras

Chapter 5. Strictly convergent power series

Chapter 6. Affinoid algebras and Finiteness theorems

Part C. Rigid analytic geometry

Chapter 9. Rigid analytic varieties

9.1. Grothendieck topologies

9.7. An application to elliptic curves

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