nLab Paul Hudak

Selected writings

On monad transformers in functional programming with monadic effects:

On domain specific programming languages:

  • Paul Hudak, Building Domain-Specific Embedded Languages, ACM Computing Surveys 28 4e (1996) 196–es [doi:10.1145/242224.242477, web]

  • Paul Hudak, Domain Specific Languages, Chapter 3 (pp. 39–60) in: Peter H. Salas (ed), Handbook of Programming Languages, Vol. III: Little Languages and Tools, MacMillan (1998) [pdf, pdf]

More specifically on domain specific embedded programming languages:

  • Paul Hudak, Modular Domain Specific Languages and Tools, in: Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Software Reuse, IEEE Computer Society Press (1998) [pdf, doi:10.5555/551789.853532]

On the history of the development of the Haskell programming language:

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