nLab Poisson Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Poisson Geometry and Mathematical Physics

2016 Jan. 4-8, Tianjin at Chern Institute, Nankai University

Registration: 2016 Jan. 3


Chengming Bai (Chern Institute, Nankai University)

Zhuo Chen (Tsinghua Universtiy)

Yunhe Sheng (Jilin University)

Scientific Committee

Zhangju Liu (Peking University)

Jianghua Lu (The University of Hong Kong)

Ping Xu (Penn State University)

Weiping Zhang (Chern Institute, Nankai University)

Invited Participants

Anton Alekseev (University of Geneva)

Chengming Bai (Chern Institute, Nankai University)

Yanhui Bi (Nanchang Hangkong University)

Francesco Bonechi (INFN Sezione di Firenze)

Liqiang Cai (Jilin University)

Xiongwei Cai (University of Luxembourg)

Xiaojun Chen (Sichuan University)

Youming Chen (Sichuan University)

Zhuo Chen (Tshinghua University)

Nicola Ciccoli (University of Perugia)

Lu Ding (Chinese Academy of Science)

Farkhod Eshmatov (Sichuan University)

Samuel Evens (University of Notre Dame)

Huiju Fan (Peking University)

Janusz Grabowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Wei Hong (Wuhan University)

Xingbiao Hu (Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing)

Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau)

Honglei Lang (Peking University)

Camille Laurent-Gengoux (The University of Poitiers)

Hui Li (Suzhou University)

Si Li (Tshinghua University)

Yanpeng Li (Peking University)

Runliang Lin (Tsinghua University)

Jiefeng Liu (Jilin University)

Zhangju Liu (Peking University)

Jianghua Lu (The University of Hong Kong)

Kirill Mackenzie (University of Sheffield)

Kentaro Mikami (Akita University)

Joana Margarida Nunes da Costa (University of Coimbra)

Florian Naef (University of Geneva)

Yu Qiao (Shaanxi Normal University)

Hajime Sato (Nagoya University)

Martin Schlichenmaier (University of Luxembourg)

Yunhe Sheng (Jilin University)

Song Gao (Peking University)

Mathieu Stienon (Penn State University)

Bingjun Su (Jilin University)

Shanzhong Sun (Capital Normal University)

Xiang Tang (Washington University in St. Louis)

Fridrich Valach (University of Geneva)

Luca Vitagliano (Universita degli Studi di Salerno & Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

Aissa Wade (Penn State University)

Lifang Wang (Henan University)

Hong Wang (Nankai University)

Qi Wang (Jilin University)

Ke Wu (Capital Normal University)

Zhiwei Wu (Ningbo University)

Yirui Xiong (Sichuan University)

Ping Xu (Penn State University)

Xiaomeng Xu (University of Geneva)

Song Yang (Sichuan University)

Xiangdong Yang (Sichuan University)

Yijun Yao (Fudan University)

Yanbin Yin (Henan University)

Tao Zhang (Henan Normal University)

Weiping Zhang (Nankai University)

Suo Zhao (Sichuan University)

Jieheng Zeng (Sichuan University)

Deshou Zhong (China Youth University of Political Studies)

Chenchang Zhu (Gottingen University)

Nguyen Tien Zung (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse)

*-to be confirmed

Trivial Information

Trivial Information


Mon, Jan 4
08:45-09:25Yvette Kosmann-SchwarzbachOn double Poisson brackets
09:35-10:15Xiang TangIntegration of exact Courant algebroids and the Liu-Weinstein-Xu 2-groupoids
10:45-11:25Aissa WadeOn Cosymplectic-Njenhuis Groupoids
11:35-12:15Martin SchlichenmaierSome naturally defined star products for Kähler manifolds
15:00-15:40Si LiBV quantization and algebraic index
15:50-16:30Kentaro MikamiCohomology groups of homogeneous Poisson structures
17:00-17:40Hong WangPoisson Reductions of Controlled Hamiltonian System with Symmetry
Tue, Jan 5
08:45-09:25Samuel EvensDegenerations of cohomology rings
09:35-10:15Huijun FanAnalytic Torsion of singularities
10:45-11:25Mathieu StienonInfinite jets of exponential maps
11:35-12:15Camille Laurent-GengouxSingular foliations and Lie infinity structures
15:00-15:40Anton AlekseevModuli of flat connection and multiplicity spaces
15:50-16:30Nguyen Tien ZungAction-angle variables on contact manifolds
17:00-17:40Chenchang ZhuString principal bundles and Courant algebroids
Wen, Jan 6
08:45-09:25Kirill MackenzieThe outlines of double Lie theory
09:35-10:15Jianghua LuOn a Poisson structure on products of flag varieties
10:45-11:25Zhiwei WuNew Hierarchies of Derivative nonlinear Schr"{o}dinger Type Equations
Thu, Jan 7
08:45-09:25Xiaomeng XuQuantum groups via Stokes phenomenon
09:35-10:15Francesco BonechiQuantization of Poisson manifolds from multiplicative integrable models
15:50-16:30Hajime SatoSamuelson condition for bi-Lagrangian structure
10:45-11:25Hui LiThe fundamental group of GG-manifolds
15:00-15:40Ping XuSymplectic realizations of holomorphic Poisson manifolds
15:50-16:30Zhuo ChenHolomorphic Poisson Structures and its Cohomology on Nilmanifolds
Fri, Jan 8
08:45-09:25Joana Nunes da CostaSome geometric structures on pre-Courant algebroids
09:35-10:15Luca VitaglianoDirac-Jacobi Bundles
10:45-11:25Shanzhong SunDouble Poisson algebra structures on Fukaya categories
11:35-12:15Janusz GrabowskiWeighted groupoids and algebroids with applications

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