Chenchang Zhu

Hi, this is Chenchang Zhu or 朱晨畅

I’ve got tenured at Göttingen (since 2013), and were long time in its Courant Center (from 2008), before that I was Maitre de conferences (assistant professor) in Grenoble (from 2006), post-doc in ETH Zurich (2004-2006), Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley with advisor Alan Weinstein (2004), undergraduate study in Bei Jing University.

CV, Publication/arxiv, Publication/MathSciNet


Now: Symplectic Geometry

Winter 2015-2016 lectures on higher bundle theory.

Spring 2015 seminar on Grothendieck-Teichmuller theory.

Fall 2014 seminar on factorization algebras.

Academic Activities:

02.07.2016–09.07.2016, Poisson 2016, ETH Zurich

04.01.2016–08.01.2016, Poisson Geometry and Mathematical Physics in Chern Institute Tianjin, China

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, MPI Bonn, Oct. 12–17, 2015

3 April – 4 April, a mini-workshop on Poisson geometry in Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan, China

28 Feb–5 March, going to Berkeley :).

16 February–19 February, Hamburg Christoph Wockel’s conference

Urs Schreiber is visiting 29 Jan and gives a talk at GRK colloquium.

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, Geneva, Oct. 27–31, 2014 , which is one of the series.

Nonacademic Activities:

I organised Girls Day 2016 here in Gottingen for higher school girls.

I’m also gleichstellungsbeauftragte for math institute :).

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