nLab Riemann existence theorem




For a nonsingular algebraic variety XX over the complex numbers, the functor YY anY \mapsto Y^{an} which sends complex algebraic varieties to their complex analytic topology establishes an equivalence of categories between the corresponding étale sites X etX et anX_{et} \simeq X^{an}_{et}.


A related result in model theory:

  • Rahim Moosa ,_A nonstandard Riemann existence theorem_, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 356(5):1781–1797 (2004) doi

We study elementary extensions of compact complex spaces and deduce that every complete type of dimension 11 is internal to projective space. This amounts to a nonstandard version of the Riemann Existence Theorem, and answers a question posed by Anand Pillay.

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