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Selected writings

  • Robert Langlands, Funktorialität in der Theorie der automorphen Formen: Ihre Entdeckung und ihre Ziele, in Emil Artin and beyond — class field theory and L-functions, European Math. Soc., 2015, pp. 175–209. Translated by James Milne as Functoriality in the theory of automorphic forms: its discovery and aims, (pdf)


From Problems in the theory of automorphic forms – 45 years later, in the file “Video for Fesenko” (pdf):

p. 5: “Since Fields medals are taken quite seriously by a large number of mathematicians and by whatever part of the general public takes an interest in mathematics, the lack of perspective is regrettable. […] These specialists are all excellent mathematicians, but one wonders again whether the influence of these medals, and other prizes with wide recognition, on the course of mathematics and on our understanding of it is entirely beneficial.”

p. 8: “I find, however, that [these specialists] are excessively focussed. We can, I am sure, not do without them; they however appear to prefer problems with circumscribed, more modest goals! I fear that those with a larger view of the subject will have to learn from them; on the other hand, they themselves, so far as I have observed, have no desire to learn anything was ihnen nicht in den Kram paßt [D: that does not suit them].”

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