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Roger Godement (1 October, 1921 - July 21, 2016) was a French mathematician, specializing in functional analysis and especially harmonic analysis, and with later interests in number theory. He was an active member of Bourbaki in the early 1950s, and wrote an influential book on sheaf theory, Topologie Algébrique et Théorie des Faisceaux (1958), which contains a number of important category theoretic ideas, e.g., flasque resolution, comonad, and “five rules for functorial calculus” in which the notion of strict 2-category can be discerned.

Principal works

  • Topologie Algébrique et Théorie des Faisceaux. Actualités Sci. Ind. No. 1252. Publ. Math. Univ. Strasbourg. No. 13 Hermann, Paris 1958.
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