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Selected writings

Selected writings

On the antisymmetric tensor representation of vector mesons to chiral perturbation theory/quantum hadrodynamics:

  • Stefan Leupold, Carla Terschlusen, Towards an effective field theory for vector mesons, Talk presented at the 50th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics, 23-27 January 2012, Bormio (arXiv:1206.2253)

  • Carla Terschlusen, Stefan Leupold, M. F. M. Lutz, Electromagnetic transitions in an effective chiral Lagrangian with the eta-prime and light vector mesons, Eur. Phys. J. A 48, 190 (2012) (arXiv:1204.4125)

On the a1-meson as the chiral partner of the rho-meson:

  • Stefan Leupold, Markus Wagner, Chiral Partners in a Chirally Broken World, International Journal of Modern Physics AVol. 24, No. 02n03, pp. 229-236 (2009) (arXiv:0807.2389)
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