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Tomasz Brzeziński is a Polish-UK mathematician and mathematical physicist with a position at the University of Swansea, Wales and University of Białystok, Poland. Large part of his work is concerned with noncommutative geometry, especially quantum principal bundles, coalgebraic and Hopf-Galois theories and the aspects of the descent theory in algebraic context. He has played a large role in the revival of the theory of corings. With Shahn Majid he rediscovered the mixed distributive laws under the name of entwining structures, motivated by the quantum principal bundle theory.

Selected publications

On coalgebra (corings, comodules)

  • T. Brzeziński and S. Majid, Coalgebra bundles, Commun. Math. Phys, 191, (1998), 467 – 492

  • T. Brzeziński, R. Wisbauer, Corings and comodules, London Math. Soc. Lec. Note Series 309, Cambridge 2003.

On associative bialgebroids and in particalar about those arising as smash products of a Hopf algebra HH with a braided commutative Yetter-Drinfeld HH-module algebra AA (scalar extension bialgebroids):

See also:

  • T. Brzeziński, A. Vazquez Marquez and J. Vercruysse, The Eilenberg-Moore category and a Beck-type theorem for a Morita context, Applied Categorical Structures, 19, (2011), 821–858.

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