nLab Witt-Burnside functor


Dress and Siebeneicher (DS88) generalized the Witt vector construction to the case of pro-pp groups for prime integer pp. These functors, W GW_G, were originally defined for all profinite groups, GG, and are now called Witt-Burnside functors due to the fact that they generalize both the pp-typical (recovered when G= pG = \mathbb{Z}_p as an additive group) and ‘big’ Witt vector construction (recovered when G=^G = \hat{\mathbb{Z}}), as well as Burnside functors (recovered as W G()W_G(\mathbb{Z})).

Witt-Burnside functors have been used to study equivariant ring spectra as they arise as a left adjoint for Tambara functors.


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  • Lance Edward Miller, On the structure of Witt-Burnside rings attached to pro-p groups, (arXiv:1103.4644)

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