nLab Wolfgang Lueck

Selected writings

On equivariant homotopy theory and equivariant algebraic K-theory:

On equivariant K-theory as a Spectra-valued presheaf on the orbit category (a naive G-spectrum):

  • James Davis, Wolfgang Lück, Spaces over a Category and Assembly Maps in Isomorphism Conjectures in K- and L-Theory, K-Theory 15:201–252, 1998 (pdf)

On equivariant principal bundles and their classifying spaces:

On Euler characteristics of categories and homotopy colimits:

On proper equivariant homotopy theory:

On the equivariant Chern character in equivariant K-theory:

On the equivariant Chern-Dold character in generalized equivariant cohomology:

On equivariant stable cohomotopy and the Burnside ring:

  • Wolfgang Lück, The Burnside Ring and Equivariant Stable Cohomotopy for Infinite Groups, Pure Appl. Math. Q. 1 (2005), no. 3, Special Issue: In memory of Armand Borel. Part 2, 479–541 (arXiv:math/0504051)
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