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I am a mathematical physicist/mathematician from Zagreb. My longer scientific biography is careerpage. My Ph.D. is from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002 (title: Coset spaces for quantum groups (abstract)). I currently teach mathematics as an associate professor at the University of Zadar, Croatia; 2015-2021 I worked part time on a research project as an associate professor at the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. I supervise some graduate students at the University of Zagreb, Croatia (where I have an adjunct title of docent) and maintain some scientific ties and collaboration with Theoretical Physics Division of the Institute Rudjer Bošković, Zagreb, Croatia, where I was previously employed. In Croatia there is a national accreditation of the scientific titles: I hold the titles of a senior scientist in mathematics (2020) and a research associate in physics (2016).

My mathematical interests include geometric aspects of mathematical physics (TQFT, geometric quantization, coherent states etc.), noncommutative algebraic geometry and noncommutative localization, Hopf algebras, bialgebroids, categories, cohomology, in particular nonabelian cohomology/descent theory.

My other scientific interests include historical linguistics (general principles and Indo-European), interface between language and computation (computational linguistics, construction of compilers and computer language design), blockchain technology and medical herbs (herbal tea) but most of these past hobbies are latent now for a long time. I used to play piano accordion. My native tongue is the kajkavian dialect of Croatian. In Croatian we use diacritics for the sch-sound: Škoda.

View a list of some of my mathematical/physical articles and talks. My other web page is here I have a (low-activity) blog here.

I have also a personalized part of nnlab here with some coursepages for students, and other pages not in close accord with purposes and collaborative nature of nnlab proper.

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