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While for finite mm, mm-jets of a scheme of finite type (over an algebraically closed field of characteristic 00) are represented by a scheme, the \infty-jet scheme, the (inverse) limit of mm-jet schemes is not of finite type; this is the arc space.


The arc space (and the jet schemes) of a variety XX gives information about the singular locus X singX_{sing}.


Let kk be the algebraically closed field, Sch/kSch/k the category of schemes over kk and XX an object in Sch/kSch/k. The presheaf

(Sch/k) opSetY(Sch/k)(Y× kk[t]/t m+1,X) (Sch/k)^{op}\to Set\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\, Y\mapsto (Sch/k) (Y\times_k k[t]/t^{m+1},X)

is representable by a kk-scheme of finite type X mX_m the mm-jet scheme. For s1s\geq 1, the canonical maps k[t]/t m+1k[t] m+s+1k[t]/t^{m+1}\to k[t]^{m+s+1} induces maps (Sch/k)(Y× kk[t]/t m+s+1,X)(Sch/k)(Y× kk[t]/t m+1,X)(Sch/k) (Y\times_k k[t]/t^{m+s+1},X)\to (Sch/k)(Y\times_k k[t]/t^{m+1},X), what is (Sch/k)(Y,X m+1)(Sch/k)(Y,X m)(Sch/k) (Y,X_{m+1})\to (Sch/k) (Y, X_m) hence also on representing objects X m+1X mX_{m+1}\to X_m. The limit is the arc space X =lim mX mX_\infty = lim_m X_m of XX and it comes along with natural projections X X mXX_\infty\to X_m\to X (under some assumptions each of the maps is locally trivial).


If XX is a scheme of finite type over kk then there is a bijection

(Sch/k)(Y,X )(indSch/k)(Y×^ SpeckSpeck[[t]],X) (Sch/k) (Y,X_\infty) \cong (ind-Sch/k) (Y\hat\times_{Spec k} Spec k[[t]],X)

natural in YY in Sch/kSch/k, where Y×^ kk[[t]]Y\hat\times_k k[[t]] is the formal completion of YY along subscheme Y× Speck{0}Y\times_{Spec k} \{0\}.1


Early ideas appeared in

  • J. Nash Jr., Arc structure of singularities, Duke Math. J., 81 (1995), 31–38.

and its appearance in motivic integration stems from

  • M. Kontsevich, lecture on motivic integration, Orsay, December 7, 1995.

For basic lectures see

  • M. Mustaţǎ, Spaces of arcs in birational geometry, pdf
  • M. Popa, 571 Ch. 5. Jet schemes and arc spaces, pdf


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On connections to combinatorics and representation theory:

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Other papers

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See also Corollary 4.4 in

A formal version (ind-scheme) of free loop space for a complex algebraic variety containing the Kontsevich-Denef-Loeser arc scheme is studied in

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