nLab jet scheme

Idea and definition

For finite mm this is a version of mm-jet space in algebraic geometry.

Let kk be the algebraically closed field, Sch/kSch/k the category of schemes over kk and XX an object in Sch/kSch/k. The presheaf

(Sch/k) opSetY(Sch/k)(Y× kk[t]/t m+1,X) (Sch/k)^{op}\to Set\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\, Y\mapsto (Sch/k) (Y\times_k k[t]/t^{m+1},X)

is representable by a kk-scheme of finite type X mX_m the mm-jet scheme.

An analogue of the \infty-jet space is the arc space.


Readable introduction is in

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