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The notion of augmented A A_\infty-algebra is the analogue in higher algebra of the notion of augmented algebra in ordinary algebra: an A-∞ algebra euipped with a homomorphism to the base E-∞ ring (which might be a plain commutative ring).


Let RR be an E-∞ ring and AA an A-∞ algebra over RR.


An augmentation of AA is an RR-A-∞ algebra homomorphism

ϵ:AR. \epsilon \colon A \to R \,.

In as far as one considers A-∞ algebras are presented by simplicial objects or similar, there might also be a (less intrinsic) notion of augmentation as in augmented simplicial sets. This is not what the above defines.

Fully generally, a definition of augmentation of ∞-algebras over an (∞,1)-operad is in (Lurie, def.



An augmentation of an E-∞ ring RR, being an E-∞ algebra over the sphere spectrum 𝕊\mathbb{S}, is a homomorphism

ϵ:R𝕊 \epsilon \colon R \to \mathbb{S}

to the sphere spectrum, regarded as an E-∞ ring.

Forming augmentation ideals constitutes an equivalence of (∞,1)-categories

E Ring /𝕊E Ring nu E_\infty Ring_{/\mathbb{S}} \stackrel{\simeq}{\longrightarrow} E_\infty Ring^{nu}

of 𝕊\mathbb{S}-augmented E E_\infty-rings and nonunital E-∞ rings (Lurie, prop.


A bipermutative category 𝒞\mathcal{C} induces (as discussed there) an E-∞ ring |𝒞|\vert \mathcal{C}\vert. If 𝒞\mathcal{C} is equipped with a bi-monoidal functor 𝒞𝒵\mathcal{C} \to \mathcal{Z} then this induces an augmentation of |𝒞|\vert \mathcal{C}\vert over HH \mathbb{Z}, the Eilenberg-MacLane spectrum of the integers.

See for instance (Arone-Lesh)


For A A_\infty-algebras in characteristic 0 (in chain complexes) augmentation appears for instance as def. on p. 81 in

augmentation of 𝔽 p\mathbb{F}_p E-∞ algebras is considered in definition 7.1 of

The following articles discuss (just) augmented ∞-groups.

Augmentation (of ∞-groups of units of E-∞ rings) over the sphere spectrum appears in

  • Steffen Sagave, Spectra of units for periodic ring spectra (arXiv:1111.6731)

Augmentation over the Eilenberg-MacLane spectrum HH\mathbb{Z} appears in

  • Gregory Arone, Kathryn Lesh, Augmented Γ\Gamma-spaces, the stable rank filtration, and a bub u-analogue of the Whitehead conjecture (pdf)

See also


with comments on the relation to nonunital algebras.

Fully general discussion in higher algebra is in

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