nLab base (infinity,1)-topos



(,1)(\infty,1)-Topos Theory

(∞,1)-topos theory

structures in a cohesive (∞,1)-topos



In ordinary topos theory it is common to “work over a fixed base topos” which may or may not be the canonical choice Set.

Similarily, in (∞,1)-topos theory one may choose to work over a fixed base (,1)(\infty,1)-topos B\mathbf{B} other than ∞Grpd.

Basically this amounts to working not with the (∞,1)-category (∞,1)Topos, but instead in the over-(∞,1)-topos (,1)Topos/B(\infty,1)Topos/\mathbf{B}.

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