nLab blueprint

  • Oliver Lorscheid, The geometry of blueprints. Part I: Algebraic background and scheme theory, arxiv/1103.1745; The geometry of blueprints. Part II: Tits-Weyl models of algebraic groups, arxiv/1201.1324; Blueprints - towards absolute arithmetic, arxiv/1204.3129;

    A blueprinted view on 𝔽 1\mathbb{F}_1-geometry, arxiv/1301.0083

  • Javier López Peña, Oliver Lorscheid, Projective geometry for blueprints, arxiv/1203.1665
  • Claudio Bartocci, Andrea Gentili, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz, Some remarks on blueprints and 𝔽 1\mathbb{F}_1-schemes, (arXiv:1905.01183)

Spectra of blueprints glue to blue schemes similarly like spectra of rings glue to algebraic schemes. Blue schemes interpolate between the usual schemes and schemes over F 1\mathbf{F}_1, i.e. absolute geometry.

  • some speculations on application of Reineke’s theorem on quiver Grassmanians for the world of blue schemes and F 1\mathbf{F}_1-schemes: Lieven’s blog

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