nLab bornological space

Bornological spaces

Bornological spaces


Much as a topological structure on a set is a notion of which subsets are ‘open’, so a bornological structure, or bornology, on a set is a notion of which subsets are ‘bounded’.


So far, we only discuss bornological topological vector spaces. See bornological set for the general notion of bornological space.

However, we can tell that bornological spaces and certain morphisms between them form a category BornBorn.


Relation to Banach spaces

Every inductive limit of Banach spaces is bornological. (Alpay-Salomon 13, prop. 2.3)

Conversely, every bornological space is an inductive limit of normed spaces, and of Banach spaces if it is quasi-complete (Schaefer-Wolff 99).


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