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Combinatorial category

Combinatorial category


A combinatorial category [Pultr (1973, Def. 1.7)] CC is a locally finite category satisfying the unnatural isomorphism property:

  • For all objects A,BCA, B \in C, if there is an unnatural isomorphism C(,A)C(,B)C(-, A) \cong C(-, B), then ABA \cong B.

Or equivalently

  • For all objects A,BCA, B \in C, |C(X,A)|=|C(X,B)|\left|C(X, A)\right| = \left|C(X, B)\right| for all objects XCX \in C.



Let CC be a combinatorial category and let A,B,XCA, B, X \in \C. If A×XB×XA \times X \cong B \times X and XX is weakly terminal, then ABA \cong B.


For all YCY \in C, we have

|C(Y,A)|×|C(Y,X)|=|C(Y,A×X)|=|C(Y,B×X)|=|C(Y,B)|×|C(Y,X)| \left|C(Y, A)\right| \times \left|\C(Y, X)\right| = \left|C(Y, A \times X)\right| = \left|C(Y, B \times X)\right| = \left|C(Y, B)\right| \times \left|C(Y, X)\right|

Hence we may divide both sides by |C(Y,X)|\left|C(Y, X)\right| (which is nonzero since XX is weakly terminal) and so |C(Y,A)|=|C(Y,B)|\left|C(Y, A)\right| = \left|C(Y, B)\right| for all YCY \in \C, from which we have ABA \cong B.


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