Euler’s dilogarithm is a complex valued function Li 2Li_2 given by

Li 2(x)= n=1 x nn 2 Li_2(x) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{x^n}{n^2}

The dilogarithm is a special case of the polylogarithm Li nLi_n. The Bloch–Wigner dilogarithm is defined by

D(z):=Im(Li 2(z))+arg(1z)log|z| D(z) := Im(Li_2(z)) + arg(1-z) log |z|

The dilogarithm has remarkable relations to many areas of mathematics and mathematical physics including scissors congruence, Reidemeister’s torsion, regulators in higher algebraic K-theory, the Bloch group, CFT, Liouville's gravity?, hyperbolic geometry and cluster transformations.

See also the references at mathworld and P.P. Cook’s blog and the related entry quantum dilogarithm.

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