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Hyperalgebra of an affine algebraic group GG is the finite dual of the Hopf algebra of representative functions of (irreducible component containing the unit element in) GG. It can be interpreted as (and is sometimes called) the algebra of distributions supported at unit. This algebra comes with a natural filtration. In characteristic 00 it coincides (by L. Schwarz’s theorem) with the universal enveloping algebra of the Lie algebra of GG, but it is much bigger in positive characteristic. It can also be obtained by base change from the Kostant’s integral form of the universal enveloping algebra of the complex Lie algebra associated to GG.


See also closely related entry distribution on an affine algebraic group.

Some books on algebraic groups and on Hopf algebras have chapters dedicated to this topic e.g.

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MathOverflow: which-is-the-correct-universal-enveloping-algebra-in-positive-characteristic

A quantum version at root of unity is proposed in

  • Iván Angiono, A quantum version of the algebra of distributions of SL(2)SL(2), arxiv/1607.04869

and another approach is in

  • W. Chin, L. Krop, Quantized hyperalgebra of rank 1, pdf; Spectra of quantized hyperalgebras, pdf

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