nLab open immersion of schemes




A morphism f:X→Yf:X\to Y of schemes is an open immersion if the underlying morphism of topological spaces is a homeomorphism onto an open image and the comorphism f ♯:𝒪 Y→f *𝒪 Xf^\sharp : \mathcal{O}_Y\to f_*\mathcal{O}_X is an isomorphism of sheaves when restricted to the image of ff. In other words, an open immersion is a morphism of schemes which decomposes uniquely into an isomorphism of schemes and the identity inclusion of an open subscheme.



Every open immersion of schemes is an étale morphism of schemes

(e.g. Stacks Project, lemma 28.37.9)



For RR a ring, S↪U(R)S \hookrightarrow U(R) a multiplicative subset, and R⟶R[S −1]R \longrightarrow R[S^{-1}] the projection onto the localization at SS, then the formal dual map on spectra Spec(R[S −1])⟶Spec(R)Spec(R[S^{-1}]) \longrightarrow Spec(R) is an open immersion.

These are the standard opens that define the Zariski topology on algebraic varieties

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