nLab opposite (infinity,1)-category




The analog of the notion of opposite category for (∞,1)-categories.


For CC an (∞,1)-category regard it in its incarnation as a ∞-groupoid-enriched category. Then its opposite is the (,1)(\infty,1)-category C opC^{op} with the same objects and with hom-objects given by

C op(X,Y):=C(Y,X) C^{op}(X,Y) := C(Y,X)

with the obvious composition law.

With CC incarnated as a quasi-category, the simplicial set C opC^{op} is that obtained by reversing the order of all the face and degeneracy maps. See opposite quasi-category.


The operation extends to an automorphic (∞,1)-functor

op:(,1)Cat(,1)Cat op : (\infty,1)Cat \to (\infty,1)Cat

from (∞,1)Cat to itself. Up to equivalence, this is the only nontrivial such automorphism. For more on this see (∞,1)Cat.

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