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Related notions in nnLab: Calabi-Yau algebra, Calabi-Yau category, Calabi-Yau object

We elucidate the relation between smooth Calabi-Yau structures and pre-Calabi-Yau structures. We show that, from a smooth Calabi-Yau structure on an A∞-category A, one can produce a pre-Calabi-Yau structure on A; as defined in our previous work, this is a shifted noncommutative version of an integrable polyvector field. We explain how this relation is an analogue of the Legendre transform, and how it defines a one-to-one mapping, in a certain homological sense. For concreteness, we apply this formalism to chains on based loop spaces of (possibly non-simply connected) Poincaré duality spaces, and fully calculate the case of the circle.

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Chiral higher spin gravity is defined in terms of a strong homotopy algebra of pre-Calabi-Yau type (noncommutative Poisson structure). All structure maps are given by the integrals over the configuration space of concave polygons and the first two maps are related to the (Shoikhet-Tsygan-)Kontsevich Formality. As with the known formality theorems, we prove the A∞-relations via Stokes’ theorem by constructing a closed form and a configuration space whose boundary components lead to the A∞-relations. This gives a new way to formulate higher spin gravities and hints at a construct encompassing the known formality theorems.

  • Alexandre Quesney, Balanced infinitesimal bialgebras, double Poisson gebras and pre-Calabi-Yau algebras, arXiv:2312.14893
category: algebra

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