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Pretopos completion


Pretopos completion sends every coherent category into a pretopos, called its pretopos completion; the operation is idempotent. It is a “higher-ary” version of the exact completion of a regular category.

More generally, pretoposes form a full reflective sub-2-category of the 2-category of finitary sites, which in turn includes coherent categories (with their coherent topologies) as a full sub-2-category.

Relation to model theory

According to the observation of Mihály Makkai from around 1980, the pretopos completion of the syntactic category of a first-order theory corresponds to the operation TT eqT \mapsto T^{eq} invented by Saharon Shelah. T eqT^{eq} is a universal extension of TT which admits elimination of imaginaries.

Higher-ary versions

For any an arity class κ\kappa, there is a corresponding version of κ\kappa-pretopos completion; see (Shulman). The version for κ={1}\kappa = \{1\} is the exact completion, while classical pretopos completion is the version for κ=ω\kappa=\omega. The version for κ=\kappa= the size of the universe includes the topos of sheaves.


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