nLab Mike Shulman

I am an Associate Professor at the University of San Diego. Here is my web page.

I have recently been deeply involved in homotopy type theory. I am also interested in (higher) category theory and its applications to the rest of mathematics, particularly homotopy theory. I also tend to be a partisan of higher-categorical structures other than nn-categories (such as double categories, multicategories, proarrow equipments, F-categories, and so on), which sometimes seem to get neglected.

Personal area

For my own reference: some pages that I was once planning to do some work on:

And here’s how to make a barred arrow ABA ⇸ B, since I always forget:


And here’s the esh ʃʃ (see here):


Selected writings

On modal type theory:

On cohesive homotopy type theory:


On higher observational type theory:

category: people

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