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A (left/right/2-sided) principal ideal in a ring RR is a left/right/2-sided ideal II generated by an element xRx \in R, or equivalently a left sub- R R -module/right sub- R R -module/sub- R R - R R -bimodule generated by xx.

This means there exists an element xIx \in I such that yy is a multiple of xx whenever yIy \in I; we say that II is generated by xx. Thus every element xx generates a unique principal ideal, the set of all left/right/two-sided multiples of xx: axa x, xbx b, or axba x b if we are talking about left/right/two-sided ideals in a ring. Clearly, every ideal II is a join over all the principal ideals P xP_x generated by the elements xx of II.

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