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Welcome to the nForum

Pages Relevant to the nForum (the discussion forum of and around the nLab wiki).

Welcome to the nForum

See also the nForum FAQ.

The nForum is the discussion forum of and around the nLab wiki.

As such it is part of the software set up by the “nGroup” to help us with our research. The nGroup is a loosely-defined worldwide collection of researchers in mathematics, physics, and philosophy. Thematically, we centre ourselves on the idea that:

Category theory, and particularly higher category theory, can provide many useful insights and tools for the study of mathematics, physics, and philosophy.

Practically, we also adhere to the notion that:

We work best when we work in the open.

That idea led to the creation of the nLab, a wiki where we, and others, can record our notes as we work. Shortly after its creation, the nForum was started as a place to discuss issues relating to the nLab. Originally just for technical issues, it has since expanded into the discussion area of the nLab where we report on things we’ve done on the nLab and discuss ideas prior to noting them in the nLab. The relationship between the nLab and nForum can be summed up as follows:

The nForum exists to help the work on the nLab. Of the two, the nLab is the more permanent record.

What we hope to achieve by working in the open is greater interaction between researchers. To that end, we want the nLab, and by extension the nForum, to be places where people come to learn, instruct, and interact. So please, take a look and join in.

  • If you see a page on the nLab that you would like to know more about, please ask at the nForum!
  • If you see a page where you know more than we do, please add what you know and then tell us what you’ve done on the nForum.
  • If you see a discussion on the nForum that you’d like to join in, please do so.
  • If there’s something that you’d like to discuss that you think the others who read the nForum might be interested in, please start a discussion.

Of course, as with any community and especially with a community which mostly communicates via the internet, we have certain guidelines that we try to adhere to. We ask that you do the same.

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