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A type category is defined to be a category satisfying the following conditions:

(1) For each object XCX\in C there is a collection Type C(X)Type_C(X) whose elements are called XX-indexed types in CC.

(2) For each object XCX\in C operations assigning to each XX-indexed type AA an object XAX \ltimes A called the total object of AA, together with a morphism

p A: A XAX p_A:A\ltimes p_A:X A\to \ltimes A \to X

called the projection morphism of AA.

(3) For each morphism f:YXf:Y\to X in CC, an operation assigning to each XX-indexed type AA, a A Y A Y indexed type f *Af^* A called the pullback of AA along XX, together with a morphism fA:Yf *AXAf\ltimes A:Y\ltimes f^* A\to X\ltimes A making the following a pullback square in the category CC.

A Yf *A fA XA p f *A p a A Y fX \array{ A\ltimes Y\ltimes f^* A&\stackrel{f\ltimes A}{\to}&X\ltimes A \\ \downarrow^{p_{f^* A}}&&\downarrow^{p_a} A}}&&\downarrow^{p_A} \\ Y&\stackrel{f}{\to} X }

In addition the following strictness conditions will be imposed

id X *A=Aid^*_X A=A
id XA=id XAid_X\ltimes A=id_{X\ltimes A}
g *(f *A)=(fg) *Ag^*(f^* A)=(f\circ g)^* A
(fA)(gf *A)=(fg)A(f\ltimes A)\circ (g\ltimes f^* A)=(f\circ g)\ltimes A


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