newpage cohesion

i i\Box_i\dashv \bigcirc_iH thH_th is infinitesimal over HH

c c\Box_c\dashv \bigcirc_cHH is cohesive over Grpd\infty Grpd

(d *d *i !)(d^*\dashv d_*\dashv i^!)H thH_th is differential over HH

such that

( t t)(\Box_t\dashv \bigcirc_t)H thH_th is cohesive over Grpd\infty Grpd” and

(t !t *t *)=(c !i *c *i *c *i !)(t_!\dashv t^* \dashv t_*)=(c_!i^*\dashv c^* i_* \dashv c_* i^!)

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