Zoran Skoda

My interests naturally fluctuate according to all kinds of influences and state of the mind. Generally, I have had long periods of interest in

  • modern geometry, especially but not limited to noncommutative algebraic geometry, especially applications of noncommmutative localization and Hopf algebras, more recently also derived geometry

  • sheaf theory and generalizations (including higher stacks)

  • mathematical physics

  • topology, mainly algebraic topology (and its abstract counterparts)

  • category theory (and more recently higher category theory)

  • some parts of algebra, especially homological algebra and Hopf algebras

  • natural and formal languages – historical linguistics, computational linguistics, programming language design, compiler design and optimization, semantics

  • machine learning (earlier mainly related to computational linguistics, but now to other problematics)

  • blockchain

See also my link-page with links to some standard online resources I use in my work.

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