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Hyperledger is a blockchain consortium lead by Linux Foundation and IBM. It has seven major blockchain projects of different nature and several tools for adapting this open source code to particular applications (e.g. Hyperledger Composer).

Most widely used is the Hyperledger Fabric software (which does not use Proof of Work) for permissioned blockchain where some fraction of permissioned nodes have to certify in consensus each new block. The smart contracting for Fabric, called chaincode, is deployed as dockerized executables and the code itself is typically produced from Javascript or in GoLang. Each . The Visual Studio Code development tool with the IBM Blockchain Platform plug-in is a possible platform for developing Hyperledger Fabric applications link

Hyperledger Sawtooth is a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers. According to official introduction, it is built with separation between the application level and the core system. An application can be a native business logic or a smart contract virtual machine. Transaction processor SDKs are available in multiple languages to streamline creation of new contract languages, including Python, JavaScript, Go, C++, Java, and Rust. EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) can be deployed to Sawtooth using the Seth transaction family (a Sawtooth transaction processor integrating the Hyperledger Burrow EVM), hence enabling Solidity smart contracts. Recently, webassembly smart contracting is supported via Sawtooth Sabre (see blog and news). It includes an SDK for writing smart contracts in Rust and compiling them to WASM byte-code for deployment on-chain. Since recently, Sawtooth has a mobile client.

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