Milnor construction

Given a (Hausdorff) topological group GG, the Milnor construction of universal principal GG-bundles (also known as the Milnor’s join construction) constructs the infinite join of copies of GG, i.e. the colimit of joins

(EG) Milnor:=colimG*G**G (E G)_{Milnor} := colim G \ast G \ast \ldots \ast G

and canonically equipps with a continuous free right action of GG which permits a structure of a CW-complex such that the action of GG permutes its cells. Consequently, the natural projection (EG) Milnor(EG) Milnor/G(E G)_{Milnor}\to (E G)_{Milnor}/G is a model for the universal bundle EGBGE G\to B G of locally trivial principal GG-bundles over paracompact Hausdorff spaces, or equivalently, of numerable principal GG-bundles over all Hausdorff topological spaces.

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  • classifying space, universal principal bundle

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