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A Wilson loop or Wilson line is an observable in (both classical and quantum) gauge theory obtained from the holonomy of the gauge connection.

Hence if the gauge connection is given by a globally defined 1-form AA, then the Wilson loop along a closed loop CC is the trace of the time-ordered exponential?

W C=Tr(𝒫exp(i CA μdx μ)) W_C = Tr(\mathcal{P}exp(i\oint_C A_\mu d x^\mu))

where 𝒫\mathcal{P} is the “time-ordering operator” and A μA_\mu are the components of the connection.


Relation to 1d Chern-Simons theory

For GG a suitable Lie group (compact, semi-simple and simply connected) the Wilson loops of GG-principal connections are equivalently the partition functions of a 1-dimensional Chern-Simons theory.

This appears famously in the formulation of Chern-Simons theory with Wilson lines. More detailes are at orbit method.

Relation to defects

Wilson loop insertions may be thought of or at least related to defects in the sense of QFT with defects.


In Chern-Simons theory

In SU(3)SU(3)-Chern-Simons theory the Wilson line observables compute the Jones polynomial of the given curve. See there for more details.



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In QFT with defects

Relation to QFT with defects is discussed in

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As partition functions of 1d Chern-Simons theory

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