inverse semigroup


An inverse semigroup is a semigroup SS (a set with an associative binary operation) such that for every element sSs\in S, there exists a unique “inverse” s *Ss^*\in S such that ss *s=ss s^* s = s and s *ss *=s *s^* s s^* = s^*.


  • The fundamental example is the following: for any set XX, let I(X)I(X) be the set of all partial bijections on XX, i.e. bijections between subsets of XX. The composite of partial bijections is their composite as relations (or as partial functions).

This inverse semigroup plays a role in the theory similar to that of permutation groups in the theory of groups. It is also paradigmatic of the general philosophy that

Groups describe global symmetries, while inverse semigroups describe local symmetries.

Other examples include:

  • If XX is a topological space, let Γ(X)I(X)\Gamma(X)\subseteq I(X) consist of the homeomorphisms between open subsets of XX. Then Γ(X)\Gamma(X) is a pseudogroup of transformations on XX (a general pseudogroup of transformations is a sub-inverse-semigroup of Γ(X)\Gamma(X)).


Lots to say here: the meet-semilattice of idempotents, the connection with ordered groupoid?s, various representation theorems.


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