Let 𝒟\mathcal{D} be a triangulated category. A t-structure on 𝒟\mathcal{D} is a pair of full subcategories

𝒟 ≥0,𝒟 ≤0↪𝒟 \mathcal{D}_{\geq 0}, \mathcal{D}_{\leq 0} \hookrightarrow \mathcal{D}

such that

  1. for all X∈𝒟 ≥0X \in \mathcal{D}_{\geq 0} and Y∈𝒟 ≤0Y \in \mathcal{D}_{\leq 0} the hom object is the zero object: Hom 𝒟(X,Y[−1])=0Hom_{\mathcal{D}}(X, Y[-1]) = 0;

  2. the subcategories are closed under suspension/desuspension: 𝒟 ≥0[1]⊂𝒟 ≥0\mathcal{D}_{\geq 0}[1] \subset \mathcal{D}_{\geq 0} and 𝒟 ≤0[−1]⊂𝒟 ≤0\mathcal{D}_{\leq 0}[-1] \subset \mathcal{D}_{\leq 0}.

  3. For all objects X∈𝒟X \in \mathcal{D} there is a fiber sequence Y→X→ZY \to X \to Z with Y∈𝒟 ≥0Y \in \mathcal{D}_{\geq 0} and Z∈𝒟 ≤0[−1]Z \in \mathcal{D}_{\leq 0}[-1].


Given a t-structure, its heart is the intersection

𝒟 ≥0∩𝒟 ≤0↪𝒟. \mathcal{D}_{\geq 0} \cap \mathcal{D}_{\leq 0} \hookrightarrow \mathcal{D} \,.

A t-structure on a stable (∞,1)-category is a t-structure on its homotopy category of an (∞,1)-category, according to def. 1.

(Higher Algebra, def.




The heart of a stable (∞,1)(\infty,1)-category is an abelian category.

(BBD 82, Higher Algebra, remark

Application to spectral sequence

If a the heart of a t-structure on a stable (∞,1)-category with sequential limits is an abelian category, then the spectral sequence of a filtered stable homotopy type converges (see there).


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For triangulated categories

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For stable (∞,1)-categories

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